The Dronings The Dronings

Dark, dreamy, and despondent, The Dronings release moody music evaluating the human condition and the paradoxes we as humans entangle ourselves in when trying to deconstruct our purpose. The Dronings is the main musical vehicle for producer/songwriter Matthew Curtis of Austin, TX whose mission is to challenge the listener to evaluate their position in life and question the very reality they take for granted.

Starting in the IDM world but eventually becoming disillusioned by the electronica scene he was involved in, Matthew bought a pawn shop guitar, a $15 amp, and a four-track recorder to join forces with his borrowed, out-of-tune piano and begin experimenting with recording techniques. The result was "Experiments in Sound" released before the creation of The Dronings. In the sweltering heat of July in Texas, Matthew recorded his debut album in a living room turned studio; complete with modular synthesis, a wind organ, and homemade electronics. A single preluded the eventual album release, 2010's "For Torching."

Since "For Torching," Matthew has packed up and relocated to Austin, TX where he has been anything but dormant. While going to school for audio engineering, recording in and out of his home studio, and playing with local artists and bands (including art-rock quintet Friends of Lovers), Matthew began work on a follow-up album. His EP "LCD" was his first in two years to be officially released and contains a taste of what he's been working on for his next full-length along with several b-sides.

James Derek James Derek

Hailing from Terrell, Canton, and Tyler, Texas's rolling stone is as ever changing as the music he creates. Exploring music since age 13, James Derek soon developed an eclectic passion for music founded in part on late century psychedelic, modern alternative country, wild classic rock, and the tame workings of folk revivalists. It didn't take long for Derek to put pen to paper and start writing his uniquely clever and insightful lyrics before joining a local band aptly called Texas Soul. The band provided an occasional outlet for him but eventually failed to provide what this increasingly prolific artist needed, and James eventually left to focus on his solo work.

To date James Derek has recorded his original material himself in any makeshift fashion he can construct while traveling full-speed through life (and through Texas). Sometimes recording in his apartment and at other times on his cell phone, Derek's DIY ethos allows the songs to shine in unique ways; the recordings accentuate the raw emotion and playful wording of his songwriting without masking his words under glossy layers of pop production. He plays all guitars he is handed with any musicians he can find in any venue holding listeners willing to be charmed.

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Old Soul by James ChittyOld Soul (2011)

Second Act Overture Second Act Overture

The work of Second Act Overture is often subdued, quiet, and minimalist. Founded on solid electronics, trance-inducing melodies, and an ever present quest to experiment with the constantly changing world of electronica, the music was quickly accepted by netlabel sp00 music where the debut album was released to positive reviews. A second EP followed, released independently, and sparked the interest of PureVolume who went on to make Second Act Overture a staff favorite and site recommendation.